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General English

Starter - Advanced (A1-C1)

Cambridge International Academy has been developed to allow non-native English speakers (ESL) to enhance their English for their work, travel or study. You will be studying 10 levels from starter to advanced and 4 weeks per course with a maximum number of 14 student per class.

  • Build Your Language from grounds up.
  • Get a Placement Test To Determine Your Level.
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IELTS Preparation Course

Intermediate – Advanced (B1-C2)

(IELTS) The International English Language Testing System is the world's most popular high-stakes English language proficiency test for study, work and migration with more than two million tests taken in the past year.

  • IELTS training and practice : Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
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TOEFL Preparation Course

Intermediate – Advanced (B1-C2)

(TOEFL) Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities.

  • TOEFLtraining and practice : Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
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FCE Preparation Course

Intermediate and Upper-intermediate (B1-B2)

Cambridge University's First Certificate Examination (FCE) is one of the most widely recognized qualifications around the world. The test requires serious preparation on very specific types of exam questions.

  • FCE training and practice : Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking
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CAE Preparation Course

Advanced (C1)

Objective Advanced Complete First Cambridge English Advanced 1 Cambridge English (Practice Tests) Cambridge University's Advanced Certificate Examination (CAE) is one of Cambridge English Qualifications. It is the in-depth, high-level qualification that shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for.

  • CAE: Cambridge English Advanced helps learners develop the skills to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking countries.
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Today, English language knowledge has become compulsory for practitioners in almost every sector. If you want to make a positive contribution to your career and add value to your CV, you should take advantage of our Professional English courses. With our training modules you can participate institutionally or individually.

  • Specific courses for your professional needs.
  • Professional Courses For your Company.
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Conversation Classes

Our conversation club will be an opportunity for people to have discussions in a casual setting. It will be designed to practice English using various topics to help improve fluency using different topics every session ranging from politics to other controversial issues. We will have debates designed to help you better your articulation. We wish to create an environment where we can also choose topics to be discussed by unanimous decision. At our facility, we are catering to your every need! Come to our facility and find out the details as soon as possible!

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